Self-confident individuals with a distinct form of expression are the central subject matter of my work. I am particularly fascinated by women and their multifaceted means of bodily expression. I never cease to be impressed by their idiosyncracies and their eccentricities and this continually stimulates me to depict momentary embodiments of life-awareness. The special atmosphere of Burlesque stage performances frequently provides me with the required impulses and inspiration.


At the beginning of each new work of art there is an animated process starting with pen and ink sketch with which I capture rapid movement. As the sketch progresses, I develop a feeling for the vibrancy of a figure's performance thus capturing the unique energy emanating from it.


My canvasses are for the most part large colourful acrylic paintings. Frequently I depict female bodies, whose outlines are full of verve, giving the paintings a structure which appears to conflict with the thickly applied bright colours. This technique allows me to portray a widely-faceted spectrum of action bursting with dynamic energy.


My smaller ink-and-watercolour sketches capture, with briskly drawn lines, the characteristic traits of one or two persons in a particular moment.


Furthermore, I continually experiment with new techniques and materials in order to investigate and deepen my understanding of the interaction of structure and colour on the one hand and power and lightness on the other.

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